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YogART Team Building Workshop


YogART: The Art of Transformation

Activate, Integrate, and Inspire the Artist Within

Workshop Description:

Creating art can be a profound experience – one that engages the mind, body, and spirit. Art is a bridge that makes the intangible tangible. Art can become your greatest teacher. It weaves together observation with introspection, revelation, contemplation, and healing.

“YogArt:The Art of Transformation” workshop will explore the inner worlds and visions through the various transformative modalities and creative processes. In this practice we will engage in a dynamic dialogue with our own inner garden. We will enter into a contemplative, relational experience with our chakras, imagination, archetypes, and body through the mapping of seven mandalas (chakras) within our body map. YogArt is a holistic modality/practice which weaves together transformative practices, such as breathwork, flow, meditation, creative visualization, art making, yoga, movement, creative writing, coaching, group dialogue, and witnessing into one potent transformative art experience.  This process will enhance your personal journey into greater awareness, understanding, self discovery,and well being.

All participants will take home their art, a body map mandala, and will be given tools for further self reflection and understanding.

*No yoga or art experience needed.

2  hour Workshop fee: $50 per person. Includes two facilitators, Art supplies,Prep and Process


Participants will engage in contemplative practices

In our YogART workshop one will learn and experience an integrative and innovative tool for transformation and well being for one’s self and for others. Participants will:

  • Learn a new way to explore the integration of contemplative practices in transformative art.  
  • Recognize patterns and themes in one’s art.
  • Reflect on that which is internal manifests externally through your Art. How can Art teach and awaken you?

Through YogART, our goal is for each individual to be empowered, regain a sense of harmony, reverence, and balance, to awaken inner resources for healing and creativity.



Lisa Rasmussen MFA & Ceylan Hulya MA

Contact:  (310) 745-2476

Email: Art4AllPeople@gmail.com

The workshop will be led by Lisa Rasmussen M.F.A and Ceylan Hulya M.A., the Co-founding Directors of Art 4 All People, LLC.  As a collaborative team Lisa and Ceylan have facilitated numerous retreats around the world, YogART workshops, transformative art workshops, and Art&Soul coaching sessions.  They have also written books on YogArt and have curated dozens of art exhibitions. Ceylan and Lisa are professional artists, longtime teachers and advocates of transformative art. In their numerous workshops, classes, public events and gallery exhibits, they have seen firsthand the intrinsic power of art to transform, empower and heal. They founded Art 4 All People out of an intention to create a sanctuary that fosters creativity, community, imagination and reverence. Lisa and Ceylan have helped thousands of people in Hilo, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Istanbul and beyond to experience the healing benefits of art as a contemplative practice and as a vehicle for well being and growth.

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