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Pratical and Transformative Art 4 All People Workshops

Art really is for all people! Everyone has a need and desire to express themselves. Creation is not just for the elite or for the severely wounded, it is for everyone. To create  is intrinsic in all of us.  We at Art 4 All People honor that and believe that Art just like Yoga is a daily practice for individual and communal well being in this world. It is also uberly Fun, liberating, energizing, relaxing, and empowering.  The big bonus is you leave each experience with an artifact of your own experience, an ARTwork to reflect on, a marker of your experience to enhance your person journey as well as to fill the walls of  your home, your sanctuary with your amazing ART and discovery!

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YogART 4 Elders
YogART 4 Creatives

YogART 4 KidsTransformative Toddlers
Artist Way Beach YogART: Fostering Creativity
YogART Party/Birthdays/ Bachelorette Parties
Private Art Coaching
Intuitive Painting
Corporate YogART Team Building Experiences
YogART 4 Birthday Parties or Special Occasions
Day Art Treks and Museum Tours with two professional Artist/Educators. Not only do you view you do. Art Supplies included
Contact us for rates and inquiries at Art4allpeople@gmail.com @ 310-745-2476

Our experiences are all about play, discovery, renewal, and connection.  It is time unplug and reconnect with your internal and external Self through the Art of Life. You are all works of Art

We offer individual as well as bonding group experiences. Have a life experience and tap into your creativity. Join the movement!

YogART and Intuitive painting is a private studio art experience taught in your home, community space and or at A4AP: AY Oceanside Studio in Malibu. It is taught by Yoga Instructors, Professional Fine Artists and award winning Transformative Educators. It is an amazing fusion of intuition,  fine art making, embodiment, and transformation.

 fun, unique, inspiring, and transforms lives

Some of our themes are
  • Mandala’s (creating your own personal mandala)
  • Eco-Art (creating art in nature from found objects)
  • Inner Dwarf (working with your inner critic, through the creative process)
  • Dream Painting (this workshop incorporates to dreamwork with the art making process)
  • Memory (creating art from your memories)
  • Mask Making

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation. -Dalai Lama


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