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Art 4 All People

A Vision of Two Woman on an Art Empowerment Mission

Art 4 All People, LLC, is an award-winning arts and healing organization, as well as a sacred place for Art, Creativity, Consciousness, and Well-being, established in Malibu, California in 2012. The mission of Art 4 All People is for art to be accessible to everyone. Our holistic vision is to activate the artist and healer within all of us. In turn awakening the best in the human spirit. We provide a place for spirited exchange, self-expression, growth, healing, and personal transformation through creativity and expression.

Art 4 All People’s local and international programs reach beyond the traditional boundaries of Art and into its ancient soul. An integral concept in Art 4 All People’s mission is the development and the pioneering of the YogART Way, a Transformative Art modality. Within the YogART spectrum, we host and facilate transformative yoga and art workshops, art & soul coaching, art retreats, nature treks, community outreach events, gallery exhibits, training programs, an online gallery, an Art is Life and YogART product line, an arts and healing resource, and as an artist representation agency. One of  Art 4 All People’s greatest aspirations through the YogART Way is to inspire deep positive change in Self and society

We believe reciprocity is key.

Art 4 All People serves local communities through its art volunteerism projects, as well by donating 1 percent of our profits to organizations that work to heal the oceans, rescue endangered species or preserve the environment.



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