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Inspire, Activate, Educate and Integrate

Art 4 All People believes that art is intimately connected to personal and cultural transformation. Our Center for Arts, Creativity and Consciousness provides a dedicated space for fostering relationships and community among new and established artists, collectors, healers, and agents of change. Our mission is to serve as a global resource promoting an integrative approach to art, science, healing, education, creativity, work, relationships and the expansion of awareness.

“Art 4 All People is exemplary of the newest direction in studio art- as a social practice aimed not only at socio-cultural dialogue but that of transformation and growth of individuals, which intrinsically transforms people and communities. Your vision offers a new way of thinking about art as an essential aspect of cultural identity and wellness. I think the key lies in your profound efforts to help a wide range of people discover the deepest sources of identity and effectiveness through the discovery of their own creative essence.” Mike Grady MFA

 Community Program


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Art is a universal language, it heals and  transforms. Join us in the revolution to empower individuals and the world through Art and Creativity. 

Whether producing transformative and healing art in your private studio  or working in the offices of a large cultural and or health organization, the effort to create and nurture arts, healing, and culture does not need to feel like a sentence to solitary confinement. One of the greatest benefits of becoming part of  the Art 4 All People Community is an immediate opportunity to connect with other artists, organizations, and supporters who share your concerns, experiences, and vision.  A4AP Community members have the opportunity to network and build an even stronger Arts and Healing community and movement. See the benefits below.


BEcome a Community A4AP Artist $40 ~ Register and pay HERE

  • Listed on with links A4AP & AY transformative arts  and healing directory

  • Eligibility for the annual Online AY Atelier Art Members’ Exhibition

  • Gallery sales from exhibited work

  • Informational resources on art-related services, professional development workshops, and invitations to networking events, and artist salons.

  • Artist referrals for sales and commissions

  • Special Closed Facebook Group

  • 20% Discount on workshop fees, Retreats, and other events

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Discounted rate for Ad Space on Ay Atelier


 BEcome an online exhibiting Community A4AP Artist  $65 ~ Register and pay  HERE

  • Receives Basic Community Artist benefits

  • Plus a page on AY Atelier Online Gallery. Inclusive of 8 artwork images for sale on AY Atelier

  • Featured Artist Interview on Art 4 All People’s Radio Show



BEcome a Friends of Art 4 All People  $75 ~ Support and pay HERE

  • Acknowledgement as Friend on Art 4 All People website and AY Atelier plus the benefits of the Community Artist.

BEcome an A4AP Art Angel [$500] ~ Support and pay  HERE

  • Acknowledgement as an Art Angel/ Donor plus benefits Inspired Community Artist

  • A MUSE Catalogue

  • plus benefits Inspired exhibiting  Community Artist

  • Invitation to the Art 4 All People Studios in Malibu’s Annual Art Party


BEcome an Art 4 All People MUSE $1500

Help us expand our programs and Artreach ~ Support and pay HERE

  • Acknowledgement as MUSE Supporter,plus benefits Inspired  and exhibiting Community Artist

  • Invitation to the Art 4 All People Studios in Malibu’s Annual Art Party

  • Logo on all printed material for the traveling exhibitions to New York and Istanbul
  • Logo printed and present at all our community ArtReach Programs. Art 4 All People Project information HERE.


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