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Art 4 All People

What is YogART?

Inspire, Activate, Educate and Integrate

The YogART Effect  
Realize as you open your eyes and gaze at your Art, that these powerful Mandala’s are talismans. They are a record of your internal experiences. They are maps and markers of your journey through Compassion. Truly embrace your wild nature (your Art) and your creative flow. Always remember that your Art is yours alone, no one or anything can take that away from you. Remember that you can tap into the creative source at anytime and it is only breath away. This is your empowered state. It is the Wave of Being, its’ your ultimate Freedom. Your Art, your yoking, your YogART is the most unique, beautiful expression of you and only you. You are a Star

YogART is simple but profound practice. It is a contemplative tool for fostering your creative self. YogART is a practical integrative five fold approach that brings together the practices of yoga, stream of consciousness writing, creative visualization, transformative art making, and dialogue for all people of all ages. The transformative process begins with Yoga as a way to ground into ones own body and breath. The experience then flows into stream of consciousness writing, where the unknown become known. After this process, the YogARTian is brought back into the sphere of the imagination, through a guided creative visualization. This then becomes a jumping off point for transformative art making. The closing of the YogART practice is through sharing and witnessing each participants artwork and discovery.

The YogART practice offers a holistic way of being through the synergy of the internal and external, grounding into one’s own body wisdom, creativity, and communal connection as an essential aspect of cultural identity and wellness.  The fusion of all five allows creativity to flow abundantly opening life to infinite possibilities.

Our unforgettable YogART workshops are a holistic experience. Participants exercise their soul in the synthesis and fusion of the mind, body and spirit. All of our somatic experiences are for all for all levels of experience, beginners to experts are welcome. Our intention in each journey is to honor and reawaken the greatest masterwork of all, which is you and your creativity.

The mindful and dynamic practice of YogART was created by transformative artists and practitioners, Ceylan Hulya, MA and Lisa Rasmussen, MFA, with the intention of creating a synthesis between several transformative modalities in the toolbox of well-being.  YogART is sourced from a series of intense conversations about the nature of interpersonal transformation and the Human Potential Movement. Both Ceylan and Lisa felt that in today’s challenging world, we all need effective tools (practices) for reducing stress, self-managing our emotions, and incorporating the awareness and the processes of the mind, body and spirit. In such practices, we can reveal our holistic intelligence and the capacity for self-healing. 

YogART is used by artists, therapists, social workers, health care practitioners, educators and intuitives. YogART is a practice of creative, psychological and spiritual integration.

“Having co-taught processes combining Qigong, hypnotherapy/guided imagery, and transformative art for 23 years, we are very excited about YogART. This body-mind-spirit experience developed by Ceylan and Lisa is a powerful journey of self-exploration, creative expression, personal empowerment, and community building for people of all ages and backgrounds.” — Kaleo and Elise Ching

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