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Inspiring Grow Products
“Every blade of grass has an angel bending over it saying, “Grow, grow.” Talmud


Grow Onsie Grow Toddler Tee Grow Mug Grow Shopping Bag
toddler_tee_organic_grow_art_inspiration yogart_grow_mug grow_reusable_reusable_shopping_bag
$26.99 $19.49 $17.99 $26.99
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YogART Wear
Spark your Art and Yoga Practice in style.

YogART Women's T-shirt YogART Women's Raglan T-shirt YogART Grey Hoodie YogART Thin Strap Tank Top
yogart_shirt yogart_tshirt_hoodie
$22.99 $29.99 $40.99 $23.99
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Size :
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YogART Tank Top YogART Men's T-shirt YogART Gym Bag YogART Mug
yogart_tshirt_tank_top yoga_art_gym_bag
$21.99 $25.99 $23.49 $16.99
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7.7.7 YogArt 4 Compassion: Workbook

An Integrative and Transformative Arts and Healing Workbook. This book includes a seven-step program that harmonizes the mind/body/spirit and honors the MUSE within us all! The YogART guide is an immersion: a holistic exploration into the experience of our interconnectedness and a return to our innate wholeness. This week-long experience will activate, empower, integrate and inspire compassion for it all. The reading, creative visualization, yoga poses, transformative art-making, journaling, and witnessing activities all aim at allowing you to explore your relationship with Creativity. In addition,these potent modalities will aid you in developing a daily practice of being in the present moment through your breath, and will allow you to become a channel or conduit for your Higher Creative Self. Throughout your YogART experience, be sure to have a light attitude. Sold on Amazon HERE


Tools for Creativity and Inspiration

Moleskin journals have a legacy of fostering creativity. They house your sketches, your dreams, and your latest inspirations.


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