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Art 4 All People’s Co-Founding Directors: Ceylan Hulya MA and Lisa Rasmussen MFA

 ”I am looking forward to manifesting with you two beautiful, creative, shape shifting catalyst women!”  Dr Marcia B Leventhal, Dancing Therapy Pioneer

Good to have spent some focused time with you this year. I enjoyed what we didi together, and deeply appreciate what you are doing in the world! Kenn Burrow’s: Director, Holistic Health Learning Center, San Francisco State University (The Role of Art in Health and Creative Change, Arts & Healing Conference,November 2014)

“Much gratitude for the beautiful work that you do. It was such a privilege to be part of your Commonweal event. “Betsy Rose, Musician, Peace Activist, and Transformative Arts and Healing Facilitator

The Art of Transformation YogART Retreats

“My Hawaiian Retreat experience with YogART exceeded my expectations. Lisa and Ceylan are exceptional artists and teachers. I found many many sources of inspiration from Lisa and Ceylan to help address my extreme burnout from years of working with traumatized clients. I am hoping to incorporate these ideas in a new phase of my professional life. As well as to continue to deepen my yoga and my art practices in my own journey of personal transformation.” Victoria, Bay Area CA, USA

Aloha! Lisa and Ceylan, Thank you for the start of a new journey. The Retreat has opened my mind, heart, and soul. I am ready to transform into a new stage of life. Thanks for the “peace ” Your YogART program was stellar. As well as having the retreat in beautiful Hawaii at Kalani with its amazing beauty helped to inspire my creativity and inner self. - Tara Rasmussen- Arkansas, USA

I was glad to be a part of your 1st retreat! Hawaii, the food and the yoga-art sessions were amazing. The Kalini retreat grounds was a great place to relax and enjoy life and your sessions helped me to appreciate and embrace my life even more. Thanks ‪Lisa Rasmussen and Ceylan Hulya you have a great program and many blessings to share with everyone. 

The YogART Retreat was truly transformative deep work was both inspired and embraced by the land, element, and culture of Hawaii. Lisa and Ceylan are passionate about art and allowing all to dive in and enjoy their uniqueness, through creative play. The sacredness and space that was created was supportive and fun. I look forward to playing again! Belinda Wehner ~ Australia

Art 4 All People Program and Exhibitions

YogART Fest 2014 at the Institute for Arts and Healing at Commonweal 

“The healing art of compassion through YogArt offered a day of weaving our individual creative threads with one another, with the earth, body, and into relationship with the global body as a whole.  The music and vibration, the moving bodies, the crystalline light, images, and color, as well as the creation and witnessing of mandalas live within me now.  Also, I appreciated witnessing the individual expression of each artist–voice and image coming together–meeting in the moment.  Thank you Lisa and Ceylon for inviting me to co-create with you at Commonweal for the closing ceremony of Muse!~Cindy Davis”

“Congratulations on the ideal and intention of The Bridge to The Soul, a global renaissance and to its visionary founders Lisa and Ceylan for their enthusiasm and desire to share and express the more beautiful and meaningful stories of being human. Healing through story telling and art helps to remind each of us that renaissance or rebirth comes from enthusiasm for the more beautiful and inspiring version of being human. Keep up the good works and spreading the seeds of possibility, after all that’s the true nature of art and creation. Thanks to Art 4 All People and Ceylan and Lisa for their vision based on the true generosity of art and the human spirit.Leigh McCloskey

Dear Ceylan and Lisa: The University of Southern California Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery Advisory Council is pleased to welcome Art for All People to join our growing group of Partners of the IGM Art Gallery. Your Bridge to the Soul exhibition and associated events probed how knowledge of structural laws of nature, harmonic relations with self, others and the planet and the scientific process can aid us in social decision-making, forging cross organizational/cross departmental bridges and creating sustainable, yet flexible, systems to prevent and heal physical, mental and social disease.  Our two organizations have compatible missions and share whole-heartedly the quest to build inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent and accountable relationships with all participants in our work. Lynn Crandall Director of USC IGM Gallery

“I was deeply moved and impressed by all you’ve achieved at the new center. I believe you have found, in a relatively short time a way to bring art to the community in a way that is extraordinarily useful, sustainable and reflective of 
the greatest purposes for art and the creative process. The scope and intensity of what you do is the 
high ground for art as a transformative path. You have brought together product and process with great 
integrity. Your vision offers a new way of thinking about art as an essential aspect of cultural identity and wellness. I think the key lies in your profound efforts to help a wide range of people discover the deepest sources of identity and effectiveness through the discovery of their own creative essence.

The location and astonishing beauty of your location left me with a great sense that you had indeed 
connected the inner and outer, as Joseph Campbell tells us is the purpose of art. The beauty of your physical setting is surpassed only by the beauty of your spirits and the nobility of the work you are 
undertaking. You give new depth and power to the world – create exciting new dimensions of hope and 
wellness. Your work is vital and essential-the embodiment of the new paradigm. I am always available 
to help you. Art 4 All People in any way I can. I will spread the word about the fantastic work you are 
doing and the pioneering efforts with which you are both so deeply involved. I offer you my best 
wishes and blessings for great success.”  Mike Grady MFA 1994-2009 Chair – Department of Arts and Consciousness, School of
 Holistic Studies, John F. Kennedy University. CA

Evoking the MUSE Atelier: A Transformative Art Gallery and Studio

Workshop Experiences 

The ultimate intention of our Transformative Workshop Series is to teach and reveal that art is a gift that in latent in everyone (all) and that it has the ability to transform our lives as well as has the potential to transform the world that we live in.

YogART (Synthesis of Yoga, Art, and Dialogue as a tool for well-being)

Sisterhood Circles: A Transformative women’s Yoga and Art Workshop for sisters and close friends.

“YogART was perfect timing in my awakening journey! Loved the body and mind integration and feeling all of the senses speak loudly what my heart knew all along. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.” Martha love

“This time to experience YogART was truly a gift. It was a gift of the chance to relax, be quiet, play with paint and reflect. The outcome was truly an alive experience.” Melinda

“The art brought me to a beautiful space that I don’t get the opportunity to inhabit very often. It is a joy and a blessing to be here.” Liz K.

“Art 4 All People is Art for Good for Love for Being. Thank you.” Shellan

Beach YogART

“Peace Love Day-Art Yoga Day-Calming, Relaxing, Fun Day!” Veronica

“What happened today was a great happy day and miracle.” Brandon

YogART is an amazing retreat of mind, body, and spirit. A beautiful way to connect within and also reach out ~to be lifted out of oneself and to see things in a new way. This (Art 4 All People) is a “home” of transformation and I believe that if we all connect with who we really are we can change the world. Thank you YogART!  Cathy Salser  (Founder and Executive Director of A Window Between Worlds)  

What a great experience to relax, get in touch with yourself, and express yourself. Gary McLaughlin

I learned that I have to remember to take and break and relax.  Ana

“It was so refreshing to connect with myself and my surroundings, and I loved expressing myself and being creative with the Art. I have a smile on my face and love in my heart.”Madison Age 16  

It was absolutely wonderful to take part in this relaxation & art with my girls & husband. I‘m so grateful to have had this experience-we are blessed.” Janet McLaughlin


What are you expecting from today’s YogArt?

We are going to find our internal peace! Luis, Age 17

Art is power. When I do art I am at peace and I learned that I can make no mistakes.Shay, Age 13

How did you like today’s experience-thumbs up or thumbs down?Not only my thumbs, actually all my fingers and my toes say up. Gray, Age 12

Painting makes me feel happy. When I make art, I learn about the parts of myself that are a mystery. Javier, Age 7

It was so refreshing to connect with myself and my surroundings. I loved expressing myself and being creative with the Art. I have a smile on my face and love in my heart. Madison, Age 16


Intuitive Painting 

“Intuitive painting is such an excellent way to relieve stress and process this thing called life. Everyone should try Intuitive painting. It will make you a better person. Thank you Art 4 All for this experience.” Don De Leon

” I really liked that you helped us start and keep painting. I wouldn’t know what to do with a blank canvas. It was useful to do the exercises at the beginning. We really loved the class and I hope many more people take it “ Cristina Nistor

Wheels of Life Kundalini Yoga and Mandala Making-Transformative Workshop

The Wheels of Life class helps one not only connects a person to their core, but also helps them better relate to those around them. This class has also opened my  mind to a new form of relaxation. And it was really fun! -Klementina

Wow! Words cannot do justice to the last two hours of yoga, art making, meditation, and hospitality. These gracious host have nailed a perfect partnership. You should open yourself up to what they offer-you life deserves it. -Cache

YogART Bride 2 Be Experience- A unique and transformative Bachelorette Party

“Bonding of Art and Yoga, Beautiful and Zen.” Serra 

“Good times with good people at a gorgeous place. Sharing our Love with the bride. “Monica

Oceanic Transformative Art & Yoga Retreats

Retreat Experiences

“Had the best time here. You can’t get closer to the water and the home is amazing. You are literarily surrounded by art and water…. what could be better than that. Blissful does not even being to describe it!” Eli McAngus

 ”Perfect location to get away from everything and just relax to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing below. The house has very cool and inspiring art throughout it. The hosts were very friendly and welcoming and you can’t beat the view!”  Laura Wang

“What a gorgeous view from our room. We were warmly greeted by the hosts and made to feel welcome and comfortable. Lisa recommended a surf instructor for my daughter and that was the highlight of our trip! Lisa and her staff do amazing art and yoga classes, we’ll take one in the next time we’re there!”  Natasha Miller

Much Gratitude and love for this sacred healing space. May peace and joy touch the hearts of all who pass through on their journey-Blessings, Allison Marie 

Malibu is the Aloha of the mainland. My good nights sleep was beloved in this peaceful happy retreat. This place abounds with friends old and new. Happy feet (toes), happy garden, happy friends, happy baby, happy sushi, happy ocean (sound, waves, sand), happy storms, happy sunshine, happy birthday -love naomi ruth raine 

To be in this space is to feel as if I am protected from the outside world. To sleep between the mountain and the sea is a sanctuary–no thoughts. This place creates empty clarity–it is a vehicle to cleanse away the chaos and to bring new ideas and modes of awake with the sunrise..dream under the moon.. I will return to my own space renewed with clarity–new colors.The space that I have found at the Art 4 All People “Guest House” has helped me find peace and tranquility–from my haunting’s of past, present, and future.This space is an authentic and a true vessel, which has led to my own personal transformation. ~Gail 


4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Nancy says:

    October 2012–We had a wonderful week. Ceylon (and Ton) were delightful as well as Lisa. The location was just as the ad stated, right on/above the ocean. There was beach below us only at low tide but a nice beach less than a ¼ mile south of us. We ate breakfast and often dinner watching the dolphins (with our naked eye as they were so close) and surfers. The combination of the fresh salty air and ocean waves was very peaceful and relaxing allowing for reflection, reconnection and rejuvenation. The ocean waves covered any possible noise from Pacific Coast Highway which was at one side of the house. Although we chose to not take any of the art or yoga classes offered, the pictures and feeling of the beach house/gallery were open, warm and inviting. It was a great place to unplug, relax, recharge and refocus our energy. Thank you Ceylon and Lisa for a wonderful place. Tiffany and Nancy

    • admin says:

      Thank you Nancy for the kind words.
      We are so happy that you and Tiffany enjoyed your stay at The Guest House Retreat Space! Please come back very soon and plan on taking a Transformative workshop like YogART or Intuitive painting. You will have a blast as shift always happens. Ceylan and both agree you were amazing guests.
      Lisa and Ceylan

  2. Brian Morrison says:

    My fiance and I had the MOST amazing weekend at the house in Malibu. It was beautiful, peaceful and simply perfect. Your location is the best, combining both a retreat and a place that is stimulating in many ways. Visually the location is stunning and the views are worth every penny of a million dollar treasure. I would be lying if I did not wish to be on that patio right now. With all my best wishes to you and your group we say thank you for the hospitality!!

    Brian, Sarah, (and our doggy Mexico, who LOVED the beach!)

  3. Debbie Pommer-Siegel says:

    I went to ‘Igniting the fire within a celebration of Rumi and the elements’ tonight, and found it heart opening and transforming.
    I was greeted at the door by a beautiful Sprite who handed me a paper that asked what do you want to let go of and what do you want to come in to your life. I knew instantly and painfully why I was there. My left eye started to tear as I felt the elements that have supported me my whole life rise up to nourish me once again.
    As I entered the lowered gallery I was approached by another beauty whom offered vegan peanut butter cookies (Yum!). Inside was another piece of paper which read, “I’ve broken through the longing now, filled with grief I have felt before, but never like this.” -Rumi
    I am struck! No words have ever been more true to me than at that moment.
    I turn and walk to the corner where a Rumi poem is framed on what looks like golden sand. It says, “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field .I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”
    This morning I walked on the beach with a friend and she quoted Rumi, “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
    My eye is wet as I walk to the beach and am humbled by the wooden circle made in the sand with the flame in its core.
    I take the paper from my pocket and know it is time to write what I must on it. I hesitate. I write 2 words and say a prayer. My gratitude is over flowing as I place the paper in the torch.
    My paper is in the fire as I watch the red and yellow dancer move around circle of wood. The fire, sea, sand and wind dancing with her.
    The wood comforts me as I hold it close feeling the warm flames caress as my toes dig deeper into the sand. The drums beat as my tears flow.
    I am letting go and opening to a love that is transformational.
    Thank you.

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