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Golden Dolphin travel is a way. A philosophy that travel is an integrative and holistic experience. Each of our retreats weave together art, yoga, meditation, connection to the spirit of the land, personal empowerment, a reverence for all life, and Lila (Divine play.)

Our mission has been inspired by the higher consciousness of the Golden Dolphin. Whether humanity recognizes en masse or not, the Golden Dolphin is within you. And on a subconscious level, they call to mankind to awaken the Inner Divinity of the True Self. They speak to humanity of joy, and the innate freedom and spirit of Unconditional Love. The Golden Dolphin are returning, the Golden Dolphin is YOU…and their time is NOW! Read more information HERE

We believe everyone is an artist and when activated they begin to reach their greatest potential.  Life becomes Art and Art becomes life. Let us inspire you!

Golden Dolphin Tours 2015 

“What you seek is seeking you.”
― Rumi


Art and Yoga Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii

Magnify Your Heart’s Desire and Dreams Art and Yoga Retreat with Lisa Rasmussen MFA and Ceylan Hulya MA at Kalani (which means the Heavens) on the Big Island of Hawaii.


A dynamic, transcendent, integrative Dream Retreat in Paradise. Join us for a pilgrimage to Kalani Oceanside Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. Awaken and rekindle your ancient inner wisdom through YogART, dream-work/art, intuitive painting, personal mythology, ritual, sacred sites, incredible food and adventure. All illuminated by the intersection of the creative, the sacred, and the healing spirit of Aloha at one of the most soulful venues on the Big Island. Take the road with Art 4 All People from mystical to mundane, from inner to outer. Fostering your calling and your dreams?

In this transformative Art, Dream work, Meditation, Exploring the Chakra’s. Yoga, Deep Listening and Nature Sound Healing Retreat you will envision your goals and embody your higher calling. This Retreat will cultivate the unique capacity of the Arts to heal, awaken, manifest and transform. In our integrative and holistic Retreat program you will dive deep into your intra personal transformation through Art and its magical processes. In turn you will gain access to innate wisdom that will guide you into becoming a powerful Transformative Artist and Manifestor. We look forward to supporting, to listening, and to fostering your inner Muse!

Carpe Diem! Sign up today! This is an all inclusive Yoga and Art Retreat. Space is very limited.  Please contact us or call us at 310.745.2476 to register. As well pay with Pay Pal for your accommodations

Double Occupancy for $1450 Pay HERE

Single Occupancy $1870 Pay HERE

Triple Occupancy $1250 Pay HERE


“My Hawaiian Retreat experience with YogART exceeded my expectations. Lisa and Ceylan are exceptional artists and teachers. I found many many sources of inspiration from Lisa and Ceylan to help address my extreme burnout from years of working with traumatized clients. I am hoping to incorporate these ideas in a new phase of my professional life. As well as to continue to deepen my yoga and my art practices in my own journey of personal transformation.” Victoria, Bay Area CA

Golden Dolphin Tours 2016 

Sacred Experience:  Greece and Turkey



Caves of Consciousness: The South of France

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