Art 4 All People a sanctuary for expression and


A Transformative and Holistic Arts and Healing Program brought to you by Art 4 All People

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Art 4 All People views art as a catalyst for empowerment and healing. Art 4 All People believes in liberating art from the confines of the studio, museum and the hands of professional artists. Rather, we foster every person’s creative development and engagement as an Artist.  We at Art 4 All People are two woman on an ART empowerment mission.We believe ART  It is a return to arts ancient origins as shamanism and art as ritual – holistic experience and the self integration of inner and outer harmonies through art and its process.  It is imaginative fun, curious, alchemical, magical, healing, femifesting, and playful. It is the beginners mind. Art resides within everyones inner child. It thrives in the state of flow. It blossoms the drive to understand, oneself and revere the mysteries of life.  It nurtures human’s need to bring forth balance and harmony, it aligns with the natural cycles of creation and love. By nature it is all inclusive and non-judgmental. Art emancipates people to stand securely in the no fear zone and to explore new possibilities. All Transformative Art comes in the service of health and wholeness. Create, create is the mantra of the universe

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