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Adults and children practicing YogArt

Ignite Your Creative Fire at Muse: A Transformative Art Studio in Malibu

Arts and Healing 4 Us All

Currently, we offer weekly intimate classes, and one one teaching/coaching at our Evoking the MUSE: Atelier at Latigo Shores in Malibu. We are also available to come to your space, studio, and or special event.  For inquiries e-mail us

Integrative and Transformative Art Workshops, Creativity Coaching, and Teacher Trainings.

 In each Transformative experience, we weave together a multitude of contemplative practices to consciously awaken your Non Domestic, Wild ~ Creative Self. Evoking the Muse. Join Ceylan Hulya MA & Lisa Rasmussen MFA, the Muse’s both have their Masters in Transformative Art and are Professional Artists. In their teachings they use Transformative art practices and “Arts and Healing” tools  to activate, inspire, and integrate your creative fire, your own Muse. In their empowering classes you will reclaim your creative power and explore your inner landscape.  Art has saved both Ceylan and Lisa lives,  they used Creativity, Transformative Art, and Process to heal the abyss of grief, as they both lost their Mothers at a young age. The Muse is bilingual studio fluent in English and Turkish.

Experiences We Offer

A private studio art experience taught in your own space or a community center. It is taught by certified Yoga Instructors, Professional Fine Artists and award winning Transformative Educators. We also have workshops within the Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Our rich inner experiences can be one on one, groups, and or we do corporate team building experiences. Gather a group of six and shoot us an e-mail at

Transformative Art Workshops
Unleash your inner artist and tame your inner critic through expressive art making and process. You will gain insights and skills through the act of making art. And you will have an amazing Artwork to take home.

YogART Experiences

Cultivate your inner yogi and inner artist.

YogART (The union of Yoga and Art) What happens when you put yoga and art together? The answer is FUN! Reconnect with your creativity in new ways through a certified instructor-lead yoga class followed by a guided meditation and transformative art making with Lisa and Ceylan. The mindful and dynamic practice of YogART was created by transformative artists and practitioners, Ceylan Hulya MA and Lisa Rasmussen MFA, with the intention of creating a synthesis between several transformative modalities in the toolbox of well-being. YogART is sourced from a series of intense conversations about the nature of interpersonal transformation and how in today’s crazy world we all need effective tools (practices) for reducing stress, self-managing our emotions, and incorporating the awareness and the process of one’s mind, body, and spirits intelligence and the capacity for self-healing.

Individual Art Empowerment Focus Sessions
Enhance and foster your creative self through one on one creative coaching sessions tailored just for you. This includes art making, goal setting, and transformation.

Practitioners: Lisa Rasmussen MFA and Ceylan Hulya MATA

MUSE ART Kids Program
Extreme FUN! In each class we will foster fun, harmony, exercise, creativity, and balance all through Art, Creative Visualization, writing, breathing, moving, dialoguing,and creating Transformative Art. Experience is for all kids.


YogART with Coach Art Kids
Art 4 All People’s volunteers their time and space to teach YogART to Coach Art Kid and Families every second Saturday of the month. “Every time we teach this class, the power of YogART is affirmed. At times children and parents come in fatigued and they leave balanced, rejuvenated, full joy, and empowered all through the amazing practice of Yoga and Art.” CoachArt Kids improves the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and their siblings by providing free lessons in the arts and athletics.

Private Art Parties
Classic YogART Party is an expressive Art and Yoga party of pure fun. Individuals are guided into the yoga process and the art making process to expressive, explore, connect, and to ignite their inner artist and inner yogi. You can come to your space or you can reserve your party at Art 4 All People in Malibu. For all ages and levels.

Art 4 All People: Art Coaching with Award winning Transformational Art Educators and Art Coaches Lisa Rasmussen M.F.A. and Ceylan Hulya MA. Sessions concentrate on personal and artistic transformation using different techniques and mediums to encourage creativity.

Painting, Drawing, Collage, Journaling, Dreamwork, Refining Art,Eco Art, ART Treks, Museum Visits, and Goal Setting. Each session is individually tailored to your needs.

The participants in all workshops are encouraged and guided to discover the power of their own creativity and the value of what that can teach them. The ultimate intention of this workshop is to teach and reveal that art is a gift that is latent in everyone and that it has the ability to transform our lives as well as the potential to transform the world we live in.

One on One’s: Private Art Lessons and Art Coaching for elders, adults and children $65 per hour
Group workshops e-mail us for details
Private Transformative Art Lesson One day 11-4 $ 150
Please e-mail for more information and a free consultation.

Art 4 All’s programs are experience based and help children, teens, adults, and elders take important steps in the journey toward well being through the following:

Relieving Stress 

“Intuitive painting is such an excellent way to relieve stress and process this thing called life. Everyone should try Intuitive painting. It will make you a better person. Thank you Art 4 All for this experience.” Don De Leon

Gaining Wisdom
“I find art very therapeutic. When I feel that life is tough I do art. To me art is freedom and power.“Jasmine

Building Confidence
“Art means I can do anything I put my mind to. Art is a thing I love to do it is relaxing and calming.” Austin, Age 10

“Art is power. When I do art I am at peace and I learn that I can make no mistakes.” Shay, Age 11

Just Plain Fun
“Good times with good people at a gorgeous place. Sharing our Love with the bride.“Monica

Teacher Trainings
Corporate Events

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