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Phone Main # 310-745-2476 and at 415-377- 4956


Questions and Answers

Transformative Art and YogART Workshops/Retreats

 When do workshops take place? Art 4 All People has a private studio in Malibu as well as our amazing Transformative Art and YogART classes can take place in your own home or community space. E-mail us at to set up a Transformaitve Art Date.  Also, check our Workshops and Events Page HERE for current ongoing workshops as well as one day special event workshops at universities and communities spaces around the world.

 Do I need prior artistic experience to join a workshop? NO.

Do I need to RSVP or can I just walk in? RSVPs and payment are required at least one week prior to each event. Sign up at We will provide you with the address & directions upon receipt of your RSVP.

 What does my fee cover? The fee covers most or all materials & supplies, facility use, light refreshments, and guidance from award winning facilitators with M.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Arts and Consciousness. With more complex workshops there is a materials fee.

Do you offer individual or private lessons? YES!
Lisa Rasmussen MFA and Ceylan Hulya  MA offer individual Art empowerment sessions and are available to facilitate private occasions like birthday or retirement parties, men’s or women’s groups, book clubs, weight-loss groups, bachelorette parties, corporate team building events & more. E-mail  for more information.

Where is the next Art of Transformation YogART Retreat/Trek?  The Big Island of Hawaii.We will be hosting an amazing 5-day intensive on the Big Island of Hawaii. Nurture your inner artist and yogi on the magical island of paradise. E-mail us at for more information.

 What is Transformative Art? Transformative Art is a creative process for self-care and personal growth for individuals and communities. It is a holistic practice beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. Through the process of creation one can align with the dynamism and the divinity that is animated in all of life. Transformative Art is akin to Tibetan Sacred Art which symbolically describes levels of awareness. While creating one can intuitively explore the three levels of ART and its process (the outer, the inner, and the secret). The outer being the physical object; the inner being the ritual that occurs during ones art making; and the secret, where through the process of ones creation and through personal reflection on the finished work, the unknown becomes known.

One of the central roles of art is to encourage us to think about the forces that shape our lives. The transformative power of art invites us to reflect on our beliefs about those forces, and to make the shifts in our perception necessary to expand them. Randy Rosenburg (The Missing Peace).

What is YogART Practice?  Created by Ceylan and Lisa of Art 4 All People, YogART is the synthesis of Yoga and Art. Through Yoga ones becomes grounded in ones body and the internal mind chatter diminishes. As one approaches the Transformative Art Making, one embodies that state of being through its manifestation of ones own art. Countless times we have seen people shift from feeling of restlessness and leave the YogART experience with deep and fulfilled sense of meaning. The Art that is made becomes a marker and talisman of their experience.

What do you mean Sacred Space? The studio is a sacred space. Ay Atelier honors the cycles of time and space and the internal experience. In the studios we have created a safe vessel for courage, empowerment, remembrance, play, and reverence within the transformative art experience. An important aspect of our facilitating is to create a safe space and comfortable space for you to do your inner work. The classes are intimate and are set-up for individual as well as group process. An altar is always present, the space is energetically cleared and a cup of warm tea is available for you while you work.

What are the benefits of making art?

  • Nonverbal expression and communication: Art is a nonverbal tool that lets you communicate how you see the world. It gives you a chance to express and release your feelings.
  • Form of relaxation: The act of creating art can simply work as a needed distraction to clear your head of daily life stresses. A temporary retreat or escape from your everyday living. In the act of sketching or painting you experience the sense of a meditative flow, focusing on the enjoyable act of creating art.
  • Increasing Morale: Just as a child has fun creating art so should you. The nature of creating something, experimenting with shapes and color evokes as sense of playfulness. Watching your picture develop into a finished piece will also give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • Improving cognition: Critical thinking is used in decision making; what would you like to paint or draw; how are you going to capture this image or idea; what colors to use, where to place an object in your picture. Your attention span is also strengthened as you focus on your work.
  • Sense of self: Art can help to build a child or teenager’s self esteem, and as an adult it can help renew your self-esteem.

Transformative Fine Art Gallery

What does AY Atelier mean?

Ay Atelier is a place where the magic of creation is honored, fostered, and revered.
AY is the word for moon in Turkish. We feel it is the primordial sound/word for Moon. One can image the first peoples as they gazed up at the moon in exhilaration lifted their arms into the sky blurted out AY. Atelier is the French term for art studio, gallery and workshop. Atelier in addition to designating an artist’s studio it is used to characterize the home of an alchemist or wizard. AY Atelier is space for Artists and Collectors to revere and honor ART in all its power, inspiration, mystery, and beauty.

How do I submit my Art to AY Atelier?  Follow the submission protocol HERE.


Below is the calendar for Art 4 All People. It includes our Daily Art & Yoga Class schedule, retreat availability (those days that are already reserved are indicated), upcoming events, and more!

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