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VIP YogART® Licensed Facilitator Training & Coaching: Text us at 310.745.2476 to Begin Your Transformation!


Become a YogART® Licensed Facilitator: Body Mapping Workshop 

“Again thank you so much for your time, energy and enthusiasm in teaching me and taking me through the YogART facilitator training course.I found it to be most worthwhile on a personal level with many insights and ah has during and outside our skype sessions.Your positivity and devotion to supporting me through the process was a real highlight! “~ K Winlaw (Brisbane, Australia)

Attention life coaches, art therapists, yoga teachers,counselors, spiritual guides, workshop facilitators, and creative souls:

Welcome our latest YogART Licensed Facilitator: Michelle Lee in Allentown, PA

Isn’t it time you stand out from the crowd with a memorable, holistic, and meaningful workshop that helps you transform people’s lives. Learn a new potent breakthrough practice for holistic well being.

 What it is? Become a YogART Licensed Facilitator

  • Learn to teach our signature YogART workshop for your Self and others. YogART is an innovative tool for creativity, self care, personal healing, self-realization, intuition, flow, and well being. During this program you will learn how to teach Chakra Body Mapping through the integration of yoga, creative visualization, intuitive mandala making, stream of consciousness writing,dialogue, and witnessing. This breakthrough experience reveals how transformative art opens our heart, taps our emotions and acts as a bridge to our Higher Selves.
  • With Ceylan and Lisa’s training, you will create a series of body maps and learn how to use your intuition to witness and to process your own art and others. We reveal that Art is ones greatest teacher! We teach how to look for symbols and keys as Art opens the door to understanding your inner worlds and the power of your Presence.

How does it work?

  • You have four/two hour one on one consultation and Art & Soul Coaching trainings with Ceylan and Lisa (Co-Creators of Art 4 All People and YogART
  • Session #1 You will learn the breakdown of each individual arts & healing modalities and how to hold safe space for your group.
  • Session #2 You will learn how to synthesize and integrate each individual arts & healing modalities into one workshop. Go deeper into the Chakra system.
  • Session #3 You will learn how to process with your group and how to handle any challenges
  • Session # 4 You will complete your vision of your own YogART programming and it will be time for feedback and questions

What’s included?

  • Four one on one consultation and coaching 2 hours training’s, this will be done on Skype
  • Both Lisa and Ceylan are Intuitive Practitioners. Besides being trained to be a YogART Facilitator, each session will be aimed at self empowerment, growth, and realization. Our intention is to guide you into becoming a brighter light and a radiant YogART teacher.
  • As a licensed YogART Facilitator you can use of our YogART trademark logo
  • Listed on our website as a licensed YogART Facilitator
  • Your workshops will be promoted on Art 4 All People Social Media
  • An Art 4 All People Interview with you and your vision for your YogART programming
  • You will become a member of a growing community of YogARTians


Ready to join the fabulous group of licensed facilitators, who are leading the YogART revolution around the world? We would love for you to join this heART centered holistic movement! 

Four private 2 hours sessions with Ceylan and Lisa with professional training, mentoring, and coaching is a value of $1600, but you can receive all this one on one support for special rate of $495 Pay HERE and we will e-mail shortly to see up our schedule. Namaste!

After your Registration payment please buy our 121 page workbook manual HERE  and on Amazon HERE

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