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Co-Founding Directors: Transformative Artists, Curators, Intuitives, Authors, and Educators, Lisa Rasmussen M.F.A and Ceylan Hulya M.A. of Art 4 All People

As a collaborative team they co-created and co-teach Art & Soul Coaching, facilitate Retreats, YogART, a new and integrative Arts and Healing Modality, Transformative Art workshops, written books, and have curated exhibitions.

Ceylan Hulya MA and Lisa Rasmussen MFA are professional artists, longtime teachers and advocates of transformative art. In their numerous workshops, classes, public events and gallery exhibits, Hulya and Rasmussen have seen firsthand the intrinsic power of art to transform, empower and heal. They founded Art 4 All People out of an intention to create a sanctuary that fosters creativity, community, imagination and reverence. Hulya and Rasmussen have a talent for expanding people’s awareness of the depth and breadth of Art. They have helped 1000’s of people in Hilo, Los Angeles, Istanbul and beyond directly experience the healing benefits of Art as a contemplative practice and as a vehicle for well being and growth

The Art 4 All People duo has curated 16 acclaimed transformative exhibitions with both local and international Artists. Essential to each exhibition are the principles of their vision of a Social Sculpture that provides Art for All People. This term was coined by the artist Joseph Beuys, who believed that Art has the potential to transform the world through participatory and relational process. This powerful concept that “everybody is an Artist” is exemplified in all of Art 4 All People’s exhibitions as they feature interactive art making, artist talks, installations, roaming poets, cantors, film screenings, and performers. In 2013, they forged a curatorial partnership with USC IGM Gallery. As well as in 2014 they traveled to the San Francisco Area with their exhibit MUSE: The Art of Transformation and Healing, which is being exhibited at The Institute for Arts and Healing at Commonweal. The future vision for the MUSE exhibit is to travel to New York City and then to Istanbul, Turkey. Lastly on their sister site AY Atelier , they offer an Arts & Healing art consulting program for individuals and health institutions. AY Atelier features arts and healing artists, empowering art to collect, art consulting services, arts and healing projects, interviews with pioneers in the field, and a community resource.


Ceylan Hulya—artist, educator, curator, and arts entrepreneur—serves as Co Founder and Co Director of Art 4 All People and AY Atelier Art an international center for arts and consciousness in Malibu, CA.

Hulya is known for her large acrylic and mixed media canvases incorporate brush work with sand and ash. Hulya uses her entire body to create her raw, layered paintings that depict the transformation of the unseen into the seen. Her works have been exhibited at Bergamot Station, Italian Cultural Center and the University of Southern California IGM Art Gallery, among others.

Her work draws upon her practices of creative visualization and meditation and are a vehicle for healing and transformation. Hulya views art making as a spiritual practice that connects the individual with existence.

Hulya earned her MA from the Arts & Consciousness Program at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA. Her artwork explores a lifelong interest in mysticism and the role of ritual in contemporary culture. Hulya was named as Alumni of the Year in 2013.

Raised in Izmir, Turkey, Hulya’s palette evokes the blues and emerald green of the Aegean Sea. She works in various media including, painting, performance and ritual. She is co creator of Innerscape: A Day of Art, Play and Transformation, an event that brings together artists and members of the community. Hulya and artist Lisa Rasmussen created YogART which combines art, yoga and contemplative practices. YogART workshop participants hail the hybrid yoga-art practice as a powerful tool for reducing stress, soothing emotions, expanding awareness and promoting healing.

Hulya’s spiritual odyssey includes a stint in an ashram in India, advanced Reiki training and extensive training with various masters in integrative healing.


Lisa Rasmussen MFA

Lisa Rasmussen—artist, educator, curator and art advocate—believes art can change and heal the world. Rasmussen serves as Executive Director and Co-Founder of Art 4 All People and AY Atelier Art, an international Center for arts and consciousness in Malibu, CA. She is also Co-Founder/Co-Director of the non-profit, Art is Moving and International Art Break Day, an annual community arts event that has been held in the U.S., India, Mexico, and West Africa.

Rasmussen is an award-winning professional painter, who has been represented in galleries in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. As well as Lisa’s work has been in numerous solo and group exhibits and publications. For her painting is a very visceral, physical, and metaphysical process. Rasmussen’s paintings have been called abstract expressionism, with a spiritual twist. Her paintings reflect her holistic worldview and her deep connection with the natural world. For Rasmussen, art making is a transcendental experience. When she paints, Rasmussen taps into a force greater than herself; a force that creates through her. Each painting is a product of her dance with divinity. Through her process she hopes to invoke in herself and the viewer a deeper connection to the world within and around us through reflection and inspiration. Early on Lisa developed a thirst for travel and distant cultures. A key conceptual element of her artistic process is the study and travel to ancient cultures and sacred sites around the world. Some of her travel adventures include Nepal, Peru, Ireland, and Brazil. She has also lived and taught English in the mountains of South, China, as well as she had studied antiquities, the Art of the Renaissance, and Ceramics in Florence, Italy.

Rasmussen is also known as a pioneering and passionate arts educator. For many years, she has taught art to residents of under-served, at-risk communities. In 2006, she created the Transformative Art Program at a mental health institute in Oakland, CA for emotionally traumatized youth, ages 5-14. Her art therapy program to create public youth art installations and gallery exhibits garnered awards, grants and media attention.

Rasmussen worked as a fine arts consultant at the prestigious Merrill Chase Gallery in Chicago and The Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco. She also managed The Red Door Gallery & Collective, a grassroots art-reach gallery in Oakland, CA.

Rasmussen earned her BA in Sculpture and Ceramics and her MFA in Arts and Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA. She earned several academic awards, including Graduate Student of the Year, in 2008, and Alumni of the Year, in 2013.

Art 4 All People’s CIO: Ceylan’s son,Tan is our Chief Inspiration Officer. He is always with Art 4 All People where ever we go and grow

Art 4 All People’s Award:

Congratulations to Lisa and Ceylan for receiving the prestigious award, Alumni’s of the Year 2012 for the transformative co-founding and creation of Art 4 All People from their Alma Mater John F. Kennedy University

“With your record of deep service to the Art & Consciousness profession and community, you are an excellent role model for alumni and students alike. In bestowing this award, we recognize your hard work and dedication. We are proud to include you among our University’s distinguished graduates.”

The Holistic Studies Graduate Program Alumnus, Ceylan Huyla MA and Lisa Rasmussen MFA for the co-founding Art 4 All People and AY Atelier


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