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Yoga and Art workshop with Chronical Ill children (  at Bridge to the Soul @ USC

The Art 4 All People Project


Art 4 All People Scholarship Program

 Through sponsorships and your donations, Art 4 All People provides Art supplies, exhibition opportunities, and transformative workshops to people who want to create Art, but currently do not have the means. 

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Free Community Art and Yoga 4 All!!

You can make a difference. Please donate/gift what you can today. We appreciate you support.

YogART Heals and YogART Transforms! We want everyone to have the opportunity  to experience the transformation! Free classes and scholarships with your help! As well as we are developing a program to offer a YogART program to the homeless/houseless in West LA

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The Art 4 All People Project believes that Art and Art Making, should be free and accessible to everyone. We have holistic vision of Art and we use Transformative Art, Yoga, and Dialogue as a means of healing and transformation for individuals and communities.


The specific purposes for which Art 4 All People project is organized is to provide relief to the distressed and underprivileged, and promote education by:

  • Offering free Transformative Art and Yoga workshops to underserved communities: Elders, At-Risk Youth, chronically ill children. Inclusive of Transformative Art Teachers, Yoga Instructors, and Free Art Supplies.
  • Creating a space where art may be used a means of promoting community-building, dialogue, healing, and social reconciliation
  • Offering holistic Art education program that integrates Art, Yoga, and Science
  • Educating the public about the healing and transformative power of art
  • Nurturing, developing, supporting, and unleashing the creative power of all persons, especially those who are victims of abuse

Current Projects

•  February 2012 -present

Art 4 All’s programs are experience based and help children, teens, adults, and elders take important steps in the journey toward well being through the following: Relieving Stress, Gaining Wisdom, Building Confidence, Intrapersonal Growth, Empowerment, and Just Plain Fun.

YogART with Coach Art Kids

Art 4 All People’s volunteers their time, expertise, art supplies, and space to teach YogART to Coach Art Kid and Families every second Saturday of the month. “Every time we teach this class, the power of YogART is affirmed. At times children and parents come in fatigued and they leave balanced, rejuvenated, full joy, and empowered all through the amazing practice of Yoga and Art.” CoachArt Kids is non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and their siblings by providing free lessons in the arts and athletics. In 2013 would like to expand this to every week.

•  Transformative Art Workshops

Art 4 All Peoples offers a series of Transformative Workshops in Visual and Performance Arts

•  YogART & YogART Kids Practice The synthesis of Yoga and Art is very powerful practice. Through the somatic practice of Yoga ones becomes grounded in ones body and the internal mind chatter diminishes. As one approaches the Transformative Art Making, one embodies that state of being through its manifestation of one’s own art. Countless times we have seen people shift from feeling of restlessness and leave the YogART experience with deep and fulfilled sense of meaning. The Art that is made becomes a marker and talisman of their experience.

Future Projects

December 15, 2012

•  Becoming a Community Partner in the “I CAN WE CAN” Campaign. Facilitating self led workshop to stop Abuse Information at link

February of 2013

•  YogART at Oahu,HI Contemporary Art Museum

Offering Free Yoga and Art classes to the communities of Oahi.

•  Art Treks: Creative Healing Vacations and Women’s Retreats

•  Offering holistic Art education program that integrates Art, Yoga, and Science with Dr. Lori Phillips is PREL’s Director of the Pacific Center for Arts and Humanities in Education (PCAHE)


Art 4 All People is  founded by Lisa Rasmussen, M.F.A. and Ceylan Hulya, M.A.

Ceylan and Lisa are two Renaissance women, who truly believe in the intrinsic power of ART to transform, empower, and to potentially heal all who are open to exploring the mystery and the depth of creativity in the breadth of all life. In the beginning of 2012, they created Art 4 All People. The primary mission of this Art Hub is to be an international sanctuary, fostering creativity, community, imagination, reverence, and expression in this world.  Also, in November 2012 the launched a Transformative Online Art Gallery AY Atelier a percent of all sales go  to support underserved communities and animal rights organizations.

Lisa Rasmussen is an alumni of John F Kennedy, MFA Studio Arts in Arts & Consciousness Program. She has over 6 years experience working at high-end fine art galleries in Chicago and San Francisco.. Lisa is also a professional Transformative Artist and Teacher. Currently her work is being represented at a San Francisco Bay Area Fine Art Gallery. Additionally, Lisa pioneered an award-winning expressive art program for emotionally traumatized and abused youth in Oakland, and developed a professional art gallery for the residents of Lincoln Child Center. She has also taught expressive art to elders, at-risk teens, and has been an art coach to adults. Lisa is also the Co-Director and Co-Founder of Take 5: Art Break Day, which is community art reach event offering people the means and the space to bond with their community via the art-making process.

Ceylan Hulya is an alumni of John F Kennedy Masters in Transformative Arts in the Arts & Consciousness Program. She is a Turkish entrepreneur and an international transformative artist, visionary, and educator whose works include installation, painting, performance, and video-art. She is the Co-creator of Innerscape: A Day of Art, Play, and Transformation.

young girl holds up her finished art project



a child and adult do yoga together in an art gallery

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