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Art is a universal language, it heals and  transforms. Join us in the revolution to empower individuals and the world through Art and Creativity.


Upcoming Retreats 

October 2015

YogART Retreat in Hawaii at Kalani: See more HERE


Art 4 All People, LLC, is an award-winning arts advocacy organization as well as a Space for Art, Creativity, Consciousness, and Well-being, established in Malibu, California in 2012. The mission of Art 4 All People is for art to be accessible to everyone. We provide a place for spirited exchange, self-expression and personal transformation through creativity.  Our organization offers a holistic paradigm that the experience of viewing, collecting and creating art should be available to everyone.  Art 4 All People’s local and international programs reach beyond the traditional boundaries of art. We host yoga workshops, art retreats, nature treks, community outreach events, gallery exhibits, training programs, an online gallery, an Art is Life product line, an artist representation agency, and our signature program YogART (Yoga and Art). Art 4 All People serves local communities through its art volunteerism projects, as well by donating 1 percent of our profits to organizations that work to heal the oceans, rescue endangered species or preserve the environment.


Art 4 All People Femifesto

Art 4 All People views art as a catalyst for empowerment and healing. Art 4 All People believes in liberating art from the confines of the studio, museum and the hands of professional artists. Rather, we foster every person’s creative development and engagement as an Artist.

We at Art 4 All People are two woman on an ART empowerment mission. We believe ART

It is a return to arts ancient origins as shamanism and art as ritual – holistic experience and the self integration of inner and outer harmonies through art and its process.

It is imaginative fun, curious, alchemical, magical, healing, femifesting, and playful. It is the beginners mind. Art resides within everyones inner child. It thrives in the state of flow. It blossoms the drive to understand, oneself and revere the mysteries of life.

It nurtures human’s need to bring forth balance and harmony, it aligns with the natural cycles of creation and love. By nature it is all inclusive and non-judgmental. Art emancipates people to stand securely in the no fear zone and to explore new possibilities.

All Transformative Art comes in the service of health and wholeness. Create, create is the mantra of the universe.

We have ongoing transformative Art & Soul Coaching, Teacher Training, Workshops, and Moon Cycle events at our Muse studio in Malibu e-mail us at or call us at #310.745.2476 for more details 


Listen in on the Air Waves on our Art 4 All People Radio Show HERE 

Read, Connect,  and Collect with the Transformative Arts and Healing Movement on our Blog and on AY Atelier (Art 4 All People’s Online Community) HERE

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*Welcome, this is the home of two of Art 4 All People’s interwoven websites. Our main Art 4 All People site features our brick and mortar curated exhibits, the YogART movement, transformative, arts & healing workshops, coaching, retreats, teacher trainings, and our transformative product line.  Our sister site, AY Atelier Art is our virtual Arts & Healing presence. Which features an online gallery, art consultation services, and our community forum. For inquiries contact us HERE

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