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“Art 4 All People is an unbelievably creative, fun productive, nexus of art and healing on earth by two beyond wonderful women on a mission to change consciousness, heal and transform reality. Help them, join them, participate with them, their energy is boundless!! and your life and the lives of those around you will be changed forever.Dr. Michael Samuels Director Art as a healing Force , Author of Healing with the Arts, Creative Healing


Be Inspired 

Peak and Sublime Experiences Ensued

Art is a universal language, it heals and  transforms. Join us in the revolution to empower individuals and the world through Art and Creativity.

Do you hear the call to adventure? Are you in the midst of a decisive crisis? Art 4 All People mission is to transform, empower, catalyze change within you through art and its potent process on your journey.

We have ongoing transformative Art & Soul Coaching, Teacher Training, Workshops, and Moon Cycle events at our humble Muse studio in Malibu e-mail us at or call us at #310.745.2476 for more details. See Upcoming Events HERE.

*Welcome, this is the home of two of Art 4 All People’s interwoven websites. Our main Art 4 All People site features our brick and mortar curated exhibits, the YogART movement, transformative, arts & healing workshops, coaching, retreats, teacher trainings, and our transformative product line.  Our sister site, AY Atelier Art is our virtual Arts & Healing presence. Which features an online gallery, art consultation services, and our community forum. For inquiries contact us HERE.


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